BC Barker Creations uses Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape

“BC Barker Creations uses Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape. It has been a reliable source of heat for our reptiles for almost ten years. We only use the best and in my opinion that’s Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape, made in the USA by Calorique.”

– BC Barker Creations

Ahead of the Curve
“We’re ahead of the curve as far as energy efficiency,” explains Spellman. “We’re fortunate to have a long and successful relationship with Calorique and the Perfectly Warm product line. The products work perfectly and all of our clients just love the systems.”

– Spellman

A Collaborative Partnership
“Right from the start, I was impressed with Calorique,” says Boyd. “They are a US company with exceptional customer service. We order materials and they arrive on time. If we ever have any questions, there is always someone on the other end of the line who can answer them for us immediately. Calorique offers us a well-made high-quality product that does the job perfectly. This is the type of partner relationship we strive to develop to ensure our customers receive the best final product Newell Coach can produce.

– Boyd

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