R2R Printing

Calorique’s mission is to provide our customers with uncompromised heating solutions utilizing
R2R – roll to roll printing. Specializing in flexible electronics and carbon resistive ink
technologies, we have insured successes in a wide array of industries throughout the world. Calorique is a premier R2R printing manufacturer located in Wareham Massachusetts.Specializing in conductive inks, Calorique has significant unique capabilities including the ability to control watt density providing manifold solutions in Flexible Electronics.  Our web capabilities range from 50mm to 1375mm wide and up to 10,000 linear feet at 70 – 100 feet per minute.  In the field of electronic devices, R2R is increasingly becoming the preferred technology for producing a variety of large area and flexible electronic devices in a fast and cost efficient way. These characteristics accomplish significant economic benefits to our clientele as the consumer
electronics industry is exhibiting massive potential growth.We print on substrates, PET,  Kapton, Fabric, Metals etc. and our solutions range from 12V to

We have provided solutions for Automotive, Medical, RFID, Industrial, Agricultural, Livestock, Printed electronics, Residential and Commercial to name just a few.

Roll-to-roll (R2R) printing refers to a family of manufacturing technologies that involves the constant processing of a flexible substrate as it is moved between two moving rolls of material. Advancements in the field of R2R have made it an important class of substrate-based manufacturing process in which subtractive and additive techniques are used to build structures in a constant manner. The process, comprises many techniques that, when brought together, help produce rolls of finished material in a highly efficient and economical manner, with the added benefits of in mass quantities and high rate of production. Factors such as low cost and high throughput are the key differentiators of the R2R printing technique from conventional manufacturing such as batch processing, which involves multiple steps.

Although the initial costs required to set up a R2R printing system could be high, the costs are often recovered through economies of scale. Presently, R2R printing process is commonly applied in a number of manufacturing fields, including large-area and flexible electronics, printed/flexible thin-film batteries, flexible solar panels, textiles and fibers, metal sheet and foil manufacturing, medical products, and membranes.

In the field of electronic devices, R2R processing is increasingly becoming the preferred technology for producing a variety of large-area and flexible electronic devices in a fast and cost efficient way.

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