Perfectly Warm Floating Floor Heat

floating floor heat

Floating Floor Heat – Interior Heating

Our thin film radiant floating floor heat for floating floors is only 0.016” thick and will not raise floor height. Thinner than a credit card this product is installed by floating it on top of an underlayment and floating the floor covering on top of the film. No alarms, no special tools, no self levelling compounds are needed.

Perfectly Warm Floating floor heat comes in finished mat version with cold leads attached or “Room in a Box” version that can be cut to length and wired at the job site.

Easy Installation:

1. Install underlayment

2. Lay heat mats

3. Connect to thermostat

4. Install floating floor

Ideal for:

· All Floating Floors – Including Laminate, Wood, Tile, LVT, Bamboo…

Floating Floor Heat Features:

  • Energy Efficient: Pennies per day to operate.
  • Easy to install: Install Underlayment, lay heat mats, Install floating floor. No self leveler needed. Cut to length
    No alarms or repair kits needed.
  • Safety: GFCI protected. ETL, cETL certified.
  • Smart Controls: Touch screen 7 day, 4 settings per day, programmable thermostat with floor sensor. Wifi enabled smart thermostat allows you to program and/or set your thermostat from your smart phone.
  • Best in class warranty 25 year warranty with no maintenance required.
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    120V, 240V, 24V


    1 ft to 250 ft (RIB Kits can be cut to length)


    18 inches and 36 inches


    0.016″ (as thin as a loose leaf sheet of paper)


    11 watts per Sq.Ft.


    ETL, cETL

    Floor Types

    All floating floors including lamiantes, floating tile, engineered wood, bamboo, LVT at least 5mm thick


    Room in a Box kits can be cut to length to cover any area. Finished mats with factory attached cold leads, of the same voltage, can be combined to cover any area.


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