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Environmental Footprint

Environmental footprint

At Calorique, “green” practices are more than a lifestyle, it is part of our daily routine, and our LEED certified construction techniques are just the beginning. Today’s Corporations are beginning to pay close attention to the environmental impact which their products are making and are beginning to closely examine ways to reduce their energy and carbon output.

Radiant Heat by Calorique provides tomorrow’s solutions today. We are committed to providing ultra efficient and sustainable heating solutions for both private and commercial applications.

  • Ultra Efficient – 100% of electricity is converted into heat with no parasitic losses. Energy savings can be made to that of traditional heating technologies such as trace heating and hot water. This allows for a faster return on investment and less energy usage.
  • Zero Carbon Footprint – Radiant Heat systems do not burn any fuel to generate heat.
  • Rapid Cycle Time – Calorique’s unique design provides heating element coverage over 85% per panel. Even heat distribution means faster warm up times. Heat will cycle off more often, lowering your cost to operate even further.
  • Lower Operating Temperatures – Calorique elements only require heat generation of just a few degrees above room temperature.
  • Fewer Resources Needed – With no moving parts and decades of durability, Calorique products last longer and require no maintenance. Few, if any additional resources are needed to maintain or replace our products.

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