55 Gallon Drum Spray Foam

Drum & Tank Heating

Calorique’s Spray Foam Insulation Drum Warmers offer the most uniform distribution of heat available. This product was designed to meet the challenges of getting spray foam insulation to the perfect spraying temperature in a maximum of 24 hours. The maximum increase in 24 hours is 55° F allowing the applicator to pick up a cold drum and be ready to spray the next day at the exact desired temperature providing maximum yield.


  • Start spraying as soon as you get to job site saving time trying to get to temp.
  • Reusable – Fits any 55 gallon drum.
  • Easy to use – D rings and Velcro holds the jacket on the drum. Simply wrap around the drum, buckle the D ring and Velcro.
  • Will not damage chemical and will not cause the chemical to explode.
  • Get 100% yield out of your chemical (spraying cold make the product harder to apply and will lose about 30% yield when not sprayed at temp).
  • Even when not plugged into an outlet the insulated jacket will hold in heat.


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