55 Gallon Drum Heater

Drum & Tank Heating

Calorique’s Thermal Shield Drum Warmer offers the most uniform distribution of heat available. Our premium insulation system keeps 55 gallons of liquid at operating temperatures and protects from freezing. With over 10 square feet of heating area, Calorique’s Thermal Shield Drum Warmer provides far more even heat than is possible with a ‘belt’ that only provides 2 square feet. By incorporating an integral insulating layer and durable outer jacket, Calorique’s Thermal Shield energy is directed almost entirely inward toward the tank’s contents, practically eliminating heat dissipated to the atmosphere. With the cover in place, our drum warmer reduces the need for power by providing a completely insulated jacket for your drum. The cover even has a reinforced punch area that can be cut out if access to the contents is required while heaters are operating.


  • Insulated heated blanket fitted for standard 55 gallon (210 litre) drums
  • 120 volt, 240 Watts (Custom wattage available)
  • Plug connected, 3 conductor, 8 ft. cord
  • Standard will maintain approximately 50° F/10° C increase in temperature over outside ambient
  • Finished with heavy duty reinforced cover, 4 belt closure
  • Thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating
  • Standard preset temperatures 68° F/20°C
  • Can be ordered preset to temperatures from 32° F/0°C
  • Heating/Warming Uses Include: Fluids, Liquids, Diesel Fuel and more
  • UL recognized component
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