Company Profile

In 1980, Calorique was established as a technologically advanced contract custom printing company in West Wareham, MA, USA with the expertise and equipment to print a variety of elements onto a wide range of substrates for well known companies.

As the technology developed globally for alternative renewable energy and efficient use of that energy, Calorique developed a flexible electric radiant heating film that maximizes the efficient conductive properties of our carbon elements. Today, the Calorique flexible electric radiant heat system continues to be a superior, energy efficient, low-cost alternative for eco-friendly homes and facilities in the U.S. as well as for use in countries around the world where renewable energy targets are being implemented.

Calorique flexible thin film heating elements are designed to more efficiently convert electricity into radiant heat.

Our unique heating technology is inside Calorique’s superior de-icing systems for Asphalt Shingle Roofs, and de-icing mats designed to be embedded in concrete.  A unique amorphous metal technology is what makes our gutter/downspout heating ribbons robust and effective with just one pass in a 4” to 6” gutter.

Using our precision printing capabilities Calorique thin film elements produce a precise wattage density for each heating application, covering up to 85% of the surface area with heating element. This superior use of thermal transfer provides for higher energy efficiency and a more economical heating system, because Calorique warms more surface area, more quickly and at lower temperatures using less energy. The Calorique system is extremely cost effective as a radiant floor warming system and can also be used as a primary heating source in the following industries and applications:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Exterior De icing
  • Healthcare
  • Pet and Hobby
  • Agriciltural
  • OEM Projects

The success of Calorique across the globe is a result of manufacturing accuracy, quick order fulfillment, durable products and highly experienced customer service. That is why Calorique customers rely on us for all of their projects year after year.

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