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Keep you and your family safe from the danger of snow and sleet.

Roof and Gutter – Roof Ice Melt Systems

Prevent damage and hidden dangers of a potential ice dams on roof with Calorique’s Clear Roof and Clear Gutter system.

Snow and ice dams on a rooftop may look harmless, but can be devastating for you and your home. Left unattended, snow and ice melts and refreezes on roofs and in gutters, expanding and contracting.

Ice Dams on roofs are formed due to interaction between the amount of heat loss from a home, snow cover, effects of solar energy and, most importantly, external outside temperatures.

Ice dams on roof can form causing water to seep into roof seams, or back up in gutters forcing water inside structures, which creats water damage and mould.

Tens of millions of dollars worth of damages and injuries occur every year from the hidden dangers of such ice dams on roofs and lack of a gutter deicing system. Calorique has created unique roof ice melt systems, such as ClearRoof and ClearGutters, which automatically keep your roof free of snow and ice.

Attached to an automatic controller, our Clear Gutter and Clear Roof melting systems melt snow and ice before it can accumulate, flowing through gutters and downspouts until clear of the building. Our “ribbons of heat” use patented amorphous metal technology to provide a safe, flexible melting system for residential and commercial buildings.

    Calorique’s Roof and Clear Gutter melting systems provide an efficient ice melting system for any type of roof and gutter system, including:

  • Flat roof systems
  • Slanted roofs
  • Internal or central downspouts
  • External gutters and flashing

Keep your roof safe and clear with ClearRoof and ClearGutters by Calorique.

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