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Keep you and your family safe from the danger of snow and sleet.

Embedded De-icing - Heated Driveways and Clear Pathways

The dangers of snow and ice are problematic for any outdoor surface. Calorique's Embedded De-Icing system uses radiant heat mats that are installed under any concrete passageway, providing heated driveways when required. The mats connect to a sensory control that automatically melts up to 4" of falling snow per hour and eliminates black ice due to re-freezing.

Calorique’s Embedded Driveway snow melt system eliminates the stress and worry involving the most hazardous, outdoor surfaces. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, the Driveway De-icer does not require much labor time to install, providing you with a cost effective solution for easy snow and ice removal.

So, throw away your snow shovel; keep your walkways clear and maintain heated driveways with Calorique’s Embedded De-Icing system.

    The Calorique Embedded Snow Driveway De-icer is suitable for:
  • Residential and commercial driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Commercial roadways
  • Residential walkways
  • Patios

Contact us for product specifications and more information on how to incorporate Calorique’s driveway snow melt system into your next project.

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