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Your pets are important. Keep them warm.

Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape

Reptiles regulate their body temperature by moving from direct sunlight to shade. When setting up a vivarium, terrarium, or rack system, it’s important to achieve a temperature gradient warm side/cool side so that your reptile can regulate its body temperature for maximum health benefits. Our advanced Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape and Mats are designed to aid you in creating the perfect environment for your pet reptile. Simply place the Flexwatt Reptile Heat Tape or Mat under one side of your tank and calibrate it with a thermostat.

Using the same natural radiant heat of the Calorique electric radiant heating systems, the Calorique Flexwatt Reptile Heating Tape maintains the ideal temperature to keep your pet or reptile healthy and active. Our reptile under tank heater simulates a naturally occurring sun warmed basking site that your reptile will benefit from.

    Explore the features and benefits of our reptile heating system:

  • Distributes heat evenly which ensures no hot spots
  • Low operating cost
  • No maintenance required
  • UL Recognized Component
  • The undertank heating Improves circulation, digestion, comfort and immune system function
  • Safe to touch

Our advanced Flexwatt Reptile Heating Tape System allows for evenly distributed belly heat, which in turn allows your pet reptiles to properly thermo-regulate. With 30 years of experience and a complete 5-year warranty, Calorique offers state of the art technology with every pet warming system.

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