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Electric Underfloor Heating – The Comfort You Deserve

Calorique's innovative electric radiant underfloor heating provides moderate and regulated warmth to any laminate, manufactured wood or floating floor surface. The principle behind radiant heat is simple: Instead of blowing hot air through a vent or pumping hot water through a baseboard radiator along the wall, underfloor heat warms up the entire floor surface. No matter where you stand on a radiant floor, you are always directly above the heat source. Calorique underfloor heating is an ultra energy-efficient system: in order for you to feel warm, the heating system only needs to heat the floor to about 85 degrees. Calorique’s radiant underfloor heating allows you to reduce the usage of your primary heating system for greater energy savings, while lowering your monthly heating bills. Results from studies have shown that your energy costs can be lowered up to 50% over the course of a year. Calorique provides an easy to use Layout Tool For help in designing each room or an entire house.

    From durability to simplicity, Calorique's underfloor heating system has many benefits:

  • World's most affordable radiant heat system
  • Easy and Fast to Install
  • Thin Flexible Lightweight Film
  • Under Floating Floor heat is ETL, CETL, CE Listed and EMC Compliant
  • 100% efficient – 100% of electrical energy is converted directly into heat
  • No Moving Parts
  • No maintenance required
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty

Contact us for underfloor heating (floating) product specifications and more detailed information on how to incorporate Calorique into your next project.

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Watch the below video to see how easy it is to install our underfloor heating system.

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