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Calorique Radiant Ceiling Heat – Optimum Heat Distribution

On a bright day, you can feel the sun’s warmth when standing in sunlight yet feel cooler when standing in the shade. The air temperature actually remains the same, but heat radiating from above flows toward cooler objects warming you directly. The Calorique Radiant Ceiling Heat System heats to just a few degrees above room temperature, warming your room and its occupants just like the sun — comfortably, efficiently and naturally.

Fast and easy to install, Calorique’s Radiant Ceiling Heat gently heats what it “sees”, evenly and quickly. Radiant Ceiling Heat provides unparalleled comfort with minimal panel coverage and maximum efficiency to help lower home heating costs by up to 50%.

Each Calorique Radiant Ceiling Film panel has coverage of up to 85% per square foot, which ensures exceptionally fast warm up times.

Calorique products generate low wattage resistive heating maximizing thermal comfort. A Calorique Radiant Ceiling Heating System can be energized with conventional energy sources or renewable energy sources to heat your entire home. Our environmentally friendly products are used in a broad range of industries and applications.

    The Calorique Radiant Ceiling Heat system has many benefits, including:

  • World's most affordable radiant heat system to install and operate
  • Heating panels are UL Listed and EMC Compliant
  • Lower operating temperatures and fast warm-up time
  • 100% efficient due to 100% of energy being converted directly into heat
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • No maintenance required, no moving parts
  • No moving air helps prevent circulation of mold spores, mites and other allergens
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty

Contact us for product specifications and more information on how to incorporate Calorique’s Radiant Ceiling Heating system into your next project.

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