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Warm plants are healthy plants.

Agriculture & Root Zone Heating

Professional gardeners and greenhouse operators know that plants grow faster and healthier when their roots are warm. Calorique KwikGrow provides faster seed start dates during seed germination, and also helps extend the growing season for mature plants. When you want to keep your plants warm and healthy, Calorique’s ‘KwikGrow’ is one of the most efficient root zone heating solutions available. Calorique's plant heat elements provide optimal levels of heat for any plant bed, in addition to supporting seed germination and extension of the growing season. Our KwikGrow Root Zone Warming Mats utilize ultra efficient heating agents for optimum plant heat without over-drying.

For almost two decades, Calorique’s plant heating and root zone warming elements have been the preferred method of providing this life-giving natural warmth. Instead of being built in hot water systems, root zone heating units are mats, which can be moved from bench to bench, as required. Individual controls allow the use of only those plant-heating mats that are needed. When using Calorique KwikGrow products, you will receive the benefit of a considerable reduction in energy costs, when compared to the use of older traditional plant heating systems.

The Calorique KwikGrow root zone heating mats contain our radiant heating flexible elements, which provide the perfect way to keep your plants healthy, in cool window greenhouses or along a windowsill at home. Installation is made easy by simply rolling out and plugging in to the nearest electricity outlet.

    Our KwikGrow root zone warming mats are ideal for any size facility, including:

  • Commercial growers
  • Greenhouses
  • Optimal use within high tunnel structures
  • Home and business landscaping
  • Home gardens
  • Window sills and other interior plants

Placing a KwikGrow plant heating element under a seed germination tray will help seeds sprout up to three times faster than un-warmed seeds. This means healthier plants and no long months waiting for your flowers to be perfectly bloomed. Your plants will grow faster and healthier with Calorique’s portable KwikGrow Root Zone Warming Mats.

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